Les Rita Mitsouko were a French pop rock group formed by Fred Chichin and Catherine Ringer (also partners for life). The duo first performed as Rita Mitsouko at Gibus Club in Paris in 1980. They went on to become one of the most acclaimed musical acts in France. “Marcia Baila”, their debut single produced by Conny Plank, went to number 2 in the French singles chart in 1984. They then started a collaboration with producer Tony Visconti on two albums: the No Comprendo and Marc & Robert. “Singing in the Shower”, sung as a duet with Sparks, was a commercial success in France and was then heavily played on US dance radio stations in 1988. Iggy Pop also collaborated with them on 1993’s Système D, duetting with Ringer on “My Love Is Bad”. “C’est comme ça” was also an international hit and was even translated into Portuguese and sung by the group “Inicial”. Chichin died from cancer in 2007. Instead of continuing as Les Rita Mitsouko, Ringer completed a final tour, “Catherine Ringer chante Les Rita Mitsouko and more” and started a solo career.

C’est comme ça
Ah, la la la la
Le secret
Ça coupe et ça donne

It’s like that,
Ah, la la la la,
The secret,
It cuts and it gives,

Oh, oh, faut que j’moove
Sans fin
Du venin
Qui me fait mal au cœur
Le serpent
Chaloupe et console
Oh, oh, faut que j’moove

Oh, oh, I must move,
Without ending,
Of venom,
Which gives me heartache,
The snake
Sways and consoles,
Oh, oh, I must move

L’ami Sadi
Et là ça fait peur
Si c’est ça
Ah la la la la

My friend Sadi,
Gets stuck,
And that makes him fearful,
If it’s that
Ah la la la la

Ça le susurre
A mes entournures
Ah,ah, faut que j’moove
Ça le grince
Juste pendant la nuit

It’s whispering to him,
Around the edges
Ah, ah, I must move,
It screeches him,
Only during the night,

Ah, c’est comme ça
Ça plonge et ça vire
Ah, ah, faut que j’moove
Et ça gêne
Quoi, quand y a pas de plaisir

Ah, it’s like that,
It flounders and it lives,
Oh, the embarrassment,
What, when there is no pleasure there

C’est comme ça
Ah la la la la
La lala lala lala lalala…….

It’s like that,
Ah la la la la
La lala lalala lalalala….

J’veux pas t’abandonner,
Mon bébé
J’veux pas nous achever,
Tu sais
C’est pas que je veuille te nuire
Ni que je veuille m’enfuir
Il me faut prendre le frais, c’est vrai

I don’t want to abandon you,
My baby,
I don’t want to break us up,
You know,
It’s not that I want to harm you,
Nor that I want to run away
I must have something new, it’s true

Hé, hé, hé
Hé, viens près de moi
Que je te le dise
Faut que j’moove
Ce secret qui me tord le cœur
Ah, la la la…

Hey, hey, hey,
Hey, come close to me;
So that I can say this to you,
I must move,
This secret which twists up my heart,
Ah, la la la….