A keystone of France’s new wave scene, pop group Indochine enjoyed enormous chart success in the mid-’80s, thanks to albums like 1983’s breakout Le Péril Jaune and their acclaimed 1985 masterwork. While the band’s success dimmed in the latter part of the decade and throughout much of the 1990s, Indochine continued to evolve and by the early 2000s had pulled off an impressive comeback with the number one single “J’ai Demandé à la Lune” and the 2002 album Paradize. Now firmly back in the public eye, they cemented their resurgence with 2005’s Alice & June, the first of several albums that topped the French charts.

Egaré dans la vallée infernale
Le héros s’appelle Bob Morane
A la recherche de l’Ombre Jaune
Le bandit s’appelle Mister Kali Jones
Avec l’ami Bill Ballantine
Sauvé de justesse des crocodiles
Stop au trafic des Caraïbes
Escale dans l’opération Nadawieb

Lost in the valley of hell
The hero is called Bob Morane
On the track of the Yellow Shadow
The vilain is called Kali Mister Jones
With the friend Bill Ballantine
Escaping the crocodiles by an inch
Stop the Caribean smuggling
A stopover in operation Nadaweib

Le cœur tendre dans le lit de Miss Clark
Prisonnière du Sultan de Jarawak
En pleine terreur à Manicouagan
Isolé dans la jungle birmane
Emprisonnant les flibustiers
L’ennemi est démasqué
On a volé le collier de Civa
Le Maharadjah en répondra

Soft-hearted in miss Clarke’s bed
Held captive by the sultan of Jarawak
Wading in terror in Manikwagan
Isolated in the Burmese jungle
Throwing the buccaneers to jail
The foe is confounded
The necklace of Shiva has been stolen
The Maradjah will take responsibility


Et soudain surgit face au vent
Le vrai héros de tous les temps
Bob Morane contre tout chacal
L’aventurier contre tout guerrier
Bob Morane contre tout chacal
L’aventurier contre tout guerrier

And suddently appears, facing the wind,
The true all-time hero
Bob Morane against all rascals
The adventurer against all warriors
Bob Morane against all rascals
The adventurer against all warriors

Dérivant à bord du sampan
L’aventurier au parfum d’Ylalang
Son surnom, Samouraï du Soleil
En démantelant le gang de l’Archipel
L’otage des guerriers du Doc Xhatan
Il s’en sortira toujours à temps
Tel l’aventurier solitaire
Bob Morane est le roi de la Terre

Drifting aboard the sampang
The Ylalang-scented adventure
His nickname: “Sun Samurai”
As he takes down the gang of the archipelago
The hostage of Dr Xathan’s warriors
He will always escape in time
As the lonely adventurer
Bob Morane rules the Earth