Photo by Guy Henstock

Tuition takes place in Kennington, South Oxford (about 3 miles from the City Centre).
Transport to Kennington.

Alternatively I can come to you (within a five-mile radius of Headington) or even teach at a distance via Skype.
Tuition via Skype with Karine.

The tuition is tailor-made and friendly but vigorous!
I believe that every person learns differently, depending on one’s interests, and background, and natural character. I always ensure that I identify the right method that suits best the learner’s particular needs.

My Three Golden Rules

  • I encourage students to come “out of their shell” (sortir de leur coquille), i.e. they speak, speak, and speak en français bien sûr! It might seem initially daunting and hard work, but by minimising the use of English you get the full benefit of interacting with a native speaker and learn more quickly.
  • I listen and correct mistakes in a constructive manner.
  • I make sure that exercises, during tuition and when given as homework, are fun and not tedious.

Tuition for All Levels and Age Groups

The Pace of Your Tuition
You are the one who chooses the pace. You can attend regular weekly lessons, just have a few lessons before going on holiday to a French-speaking country, take an intensive five-day course, or have a mixture of the above. You don’t have to commit to a certain number of lessons (unless paying for a discounted block in advance). If you want to stop and restart in the future, it’s not a problem, as I keep very good records of your progress  and we can just simply resume where we left it off.

“Rendez-vous au musée avec Karine”
A visit to the Ashmolean Museum, in French, can be organised on request.
Every now and again, I give a talk on Art (en français bien entendu), followed by discussion. For more information, please get in touch.