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1997, M (Matthieu Chedid) – “Nostalgic du cool”

Matthieu Chedid (1971-), better known by his stage name ‑M-, is a French rock singer-songwriter and guitar player. The pseudonym comes from Chedid’s first initial but also refers to the similar sounding French word “aime”, meaning love. The character ‑M- is a superhero, noted for having a playful nature, and recognized for his flamboyant costumes and hair styled into the […]

1991, MC Solaar – “Caroline”

MC Solaar (1969-) is a French singer of Senegalese-Chadian origin. He is one of the most internationally popular and influential rap and hip hop artists. He is known for his complex lyrics, which rely on word play, lyricism, and inquiry. He has recorded with British group Urban Species and the late Guru, member of the […]

1991, Dany Brillant – “Suzette” (with an exercise)

Dany Brillant (1965-) whose real name is Danny Cohen, is a French singer and actor of Tunisian origin. His stage name  “Brilliant” was given by Jacques Boni, head of the cabaret ‘Aux Trois Mailletz’ where Dany Brillant started his career. He used to say before the singer went on stage: “Danny! Be brilliant! “. ‘Suzette’ was his first […]