General Elektriks is the brainchild of Hervé ‘RV’ Salters. A French national and a keen vintage keyboard player, Salters was playing keys for his bands and for various artists in Paris (Femi Kuti, M, Vercoquin, DJ Mehdi etc…) before he moved to San Francisco in 1999. He has released three albums. Tu m’intrigues appears on the first one, entitled “Cliquety Kliqk”, 2004.

Quand tu dis que dans la vraie vie,
Tu n’as pas les cheveux longs, tu m’intrigues
Quand tu parles et que les mots qui sortent de ta bouche,
Ne correspondent pas aux mouvements de tes lèvres, tu m’intrigues
Quand tu verses le thé sans toucher la théière, tu m’intrigues
Quand tu dis que tu aimes aller au bal,
Que ça te rappelle le XIXème siècle, tu m’intrigues
Allons au bal!

When you say that in real life,
You do not have long hair, you intrigue me
When you speak and the words coming out of your mouth,
Don’t correspond to the movements of your lips, you intrigue me
When you pour the tea without touching the teapot, you intrigue me
When you say you love going to the ball,
That it reminds you of the nineteenth century, you intrigue me
Let’s go to the prom/ball!

Quand tu dis que mourir,
C’est juste dur la première fois, qu’après on s’y fait, tu m’intrigues
Quand tu dors et qu’il n’y a pas d’air qui rentre ou qui sorte de tes poumons, Tu m’intrigues
Quand tu te caches sous le lit, quand il pleut, tu m’intrigues
Quand tu dis qu’un congrès de murmures a lieu dans ta tête, et que ça n’en finit pas,
Mais je ne cherche pas à comprendre …

When you say that to die
It’s just hard the first time, after, you get used to it, you intrigue me.
When you sleep and there are no air that enters or get out of your lungs, you intrigue me.
When you hide (yourself) under the bed, when it rains, you intrigue me.
When you say that a Congress of whispers takes place in your head, and it never ends,
But I do not try to understand …